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MOCA Jacksonville released a new identity on January 11, 2016, to align the Museum’s suite of communications with its mission—to promote the discovery, knowledge, and advancement of the art, artists, and ideas of our time. The new look embodies the sophisticated, metropolitan institution MOCA has become. Focused around a contemporary mark, the logo is reflective, magnetic, infinite, welcoming, colorful, and transformational. 

“With this reinvented identity, MOCA Jacksonville is poised to continue its growth on a national scale, highlighting Northeast Florida as a burgeoning center for arts and culture,” said Marcelle Polednik, director and chief curator. “This work is the culmination of a multiyear process of identifying our strengths and goals.”


The pinnacle of the rebrand effort is a state-of-the-art website at a brand new location: mocajacksonville.unf.edu. As the digital face of MOCA Jacksonville, the website is often the first interaction visitors, artists, lenders, sponsors, galleries, and other institutions have with the Museum. The website is based on a cutting-edge strategy and sophisticated keyword functionality that repurposes content across multiple pages, showing users relevant information based on the page they’re visiting.

A useful resource for Museum visitors and anyone interested in contemporary art, exhibition pages now live long before and after the dates they appear in the galleries. Individual artist pages with biographies feature links to exhibitions, blog posts, and upcoming events. Rich photography appears on every page of the site, representing the community’s diversity. The digital archive of exhibitions, artists, and events provides a research tool for the Jacksonville community and beyond. The MOCA Blog offers behind-the-scenes stories about the Museum, from major news to fascinating perspectives to entertaining anecdotes. You don’t have to step inside the Museum to gain the benefits of this resource.


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The new identity is built into every aspect of the Museum, from exhibition design to new materials for visitors, all designed in-house by MOCA staff. User-friendly, color-coded directories to help you navigate each floor. Check out the smart merchandise in the MOCA Shop. Look for the vivid signage spanning the windows of the Museum and eye-catching posters popping up around Jacksonville. Vibrant new posters highlight upcoming events. Fresh fliers promoting MOCA will blanket the airport, hotels, and other locations, and clever coasters will arrive at bars and restaurants. 

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MOCA Jacksonville has always provided amenities for those who have disabilities, such as elevator access to all areas of the Museum and guided tours. Now MOCA is offering helpful additions like easy-to-read wall text and object labels, audio guides for selected objects, large-print handouts available at the front desk, and closed captioning for all videos produced by MOCA Jacksonville.

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The MOCA Jacksonville website has been selected for the 2016 Southeastern Museums Conference Technology Competition award. Videos for Project Atrium: Ian Johnston and Project Atrium: Shinique Smith were selected for the 2016 Southeastern Museums Conference Technology Competition award.  

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