Project Atrium Videos

For MOCA’s bold Project Atrium series, launched in 2011 within a newly activated exhibition space, the Museum commissions original artwork by emerging and mid-career artists. The unique placement, dimensions, and scale of the Atrium Gallery (40 feet high by 30 feet wide by 30 feet deep) provide a compelling challenge to the chosen artists—a call to reinvention and active collaboration with the architecture of the Museum on a monumental scale. 

Artists install site-specific or site-sensitive artworks in view of the public, revealing what is usually a behind-the-scenes process to visitors who may watch the entire project unfold over a few weeks. The artworks stay at the museum for the course of three months and are then removed or painted over to create space for the next Project Atrium piece. Due to the temporal nature of these pieces, the videos provide an important record of the projects. Presented in tandem with the exhibitions at MOCA Jacksonville. Housed in the lobby just outside the Atrium space, videos help Museum visitors understand the story of how a project was crafted and just what goes into each work.

Videos also become a powerful educational tool outside the Museum’s doors, as the content is shared on platforms like the MOCA Jacksonville website, Facebook, and Vimeo. These stories generate interest from new audiences in the exhibitions, promote the original work being done at MOCA, and provide an invaluable resource about each artist and project even after the artwork has ceased to exist at the Museum.  


Videos for Project Atrium: Ian Johnston and Project Atrium: Shinique Smith were selected for the 2016 Southeastern Museums Conference Technology Competition award.  

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