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SLOW: Marking Time in Photography and Film

Faced with a small budget and a large amount of programmatic content, we printed the same 2-color print run on both text and cover stock for this award-winning poster. Half became perforated exhibition posters; citizens about town could tear off and take away programs of interest. Half were cut down to create a thin poster option from the center panel and single event cards from the right and left panels for person to person distribution. The project was featured in Print Magazine's 2013 Regional Design Annual. 

Exhibition Installation: Typography

Continuous Fold Invitation

As Featured in Print Magazine

Patrons are asked to slow down the process of looking and discover each of four frames in this interactive piece. The unique form factor extends the viewer’s time with the invitation and provides an intriguing first look at an exhibition addressing time and user engagement. The project was featured in Print Magazine's 2013 Regional Design Annual. 

Each of the artists was featured in a left brain / right brain exhibition guide. Offering viewers a detailed analysis of the technical aspects about the work [ left brain ] in contrast with a big-picture ideas and key project themes [ right brain ], visitors were encouraged to explore information about the artwork in different contexts. The reverse side features basic location and bio information with a summary of works in the exhibition. The printed catalog displays selections from the exhibition and an essay by Director and Chief Curator Marcelle Polednik. 

Exhibition Catalog: Cover

Exhibition Catalog: Essay Spread

Exhibition Catalog: Chris McCaw Spread

Exhibition Catalog: Idris Khan Spread


The posters and continuous fold invitations for SLOW: Marking Time in Photography and Film were featured in Print Magazine's 2013 Regional Design Annual.

The invitations received a Gold Award for the invitations category and won Best in Show from the Southeastern Museums Conference. The posters won a Gold Award for the posters category from the Southeastern Museums Conference. 

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